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Circular Global Communication Services OPC Pvt. Ltd. (CGCS) is a global public relations company that has been making waves in the industry since its establishment in August 2020. Led by its visionary Chairman and Director, Dr. Anjani Kumar Srivastava, CGCS aims to provide a platform for corporations worldwide to access cost-effective services for image building and brand enhancement through various media vehicles.

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At the heart of CGCS’s approach lies the “Circular Communication” model, which draws inspiration from the work of Wilbur Schramm. This model emphasizes the importance of feedback as an essential element in effective communication. CGCS firmly believes that the opinions and feedback of consumers, clients, and stakeholders are key factors in sustaining any business entity or organization. By actively engaging with their target audiences, CGCS ensures that their clients’ messages are effectively communicated and received, ultimately enhancing brand identity and image.


What sets CGCS apart in the public relations landscape is its expertise in CSR(Corporate Social Responsibility) communication strategies. The company firmly believes that CSR spending should be seen as an investment for brand enhancement rather than mere philanthropy or charity. Understanding that companies often lack motivation for their CSR activities, CGCS acts as a catalyst, encouraging increased CSR spending for social and environmental causes. By aligning CSR initiatives with the sustainability goals set by the United Nations Organization for the year 2030, CGCS helps clients make a tangible impact on society while simultaneously enhancing their brand reputation.

The accolades CGCS has received serve as a testament to its innovative approach and commitment to excellence. In 2021, CGCS was recognized by the International Trade Council (ITC) in Washington, USA, as the Best Emerging PR and Marketing Company. This recognition highlights the company’s exceptional public relations and branding communication services in both the B2B and B2B2C markets. By strategically integrating CSR communication, CGCS enables its clients to achieve their sustainability goals while enhancing their brand presence.

Continuing its upward trajectory, CGCS joined ASSOCHAM, an apex industry and commerce chamber, in 2023-24. This membership acknowledges CGCS’s outstanding contributions in providing innovative public relations and branding communication solutions to client companies and organizations. CGCS’s dedication to excellence and its ability to deliver tailored strategies have earned the company well-deserved recognition in the industry.


As CGCS embarks on its journey, the company seeks funding from venture capitalists to support its growth and smooth operation. With a seed fund target of approximately INR 2 crore, CGCS aims to expand its operations and establish branch offices in major cities across India, including Mumbai, Lucknow, Bangalore, and even abroad, such as in the UAE, Europe, and the USA. This expansion will enable CGCS to reach a wider client base and provide its exceptional services on a global scale.

Dr. Anjani Kumar Srivastava, the driving force behind CGCS, brings over 28 years of work experience in the media and communication sector. With a diverse background that includes journalism, public relations, and academic roles, Dr. Srivastava possesses a wealth of knowledge and expertise in training and educating media, public relations, and communication professionals. His leadership and industry insights have been instrumental in shaping CGCS into a leading global PR company.

The vision and mission of CGCS revolve around providing relevant PR image building and CSR strategic communication services to companies and organizations worldwide. By helping clients achieve their sustainable goals while ensuring business sustainability, CGCS aims to create a positive impact on society and the environment. The company envisions opening branch offices in major Indian cities as well as internationally, further expanding its reach and influence.

Recently, CGCS received an invitation from the International Trade Council (ITC) USA for the GoGlobal Awards 2023 in Rhode Island, USA. The company has been nominated in the Innovative Company award category, a testament to its ongoing commitment to innovation and excellence. The event, scheduled for November 2023, will provide CGCS with another opportunity to showcase its contributions to the public relations industry.


Looking to the future, CGCS’s goals are to expand its collaborations with foreign investors and organizations, creating job opportunities and supporting companies and organizations worldwide in sustaining their businesses through ethical practices. CGCS aims to motivate and inspire more CSR activities that benefit underprivileged sections of societies globally.

In summary, CGCS stands as a formidable global public relations company, dedicated to providing exceptional services in image building and brand enhancement. With its expertise in CSR communication strategies, CGCS helps clients turn their CSR spending into a strategic investment for brand enhancement and sustainable business practices. Recognized for its innovative approach and commitment to excellence, CGCS continues to make significant strides in the industry, with plans for further expansion and global outreach on the horizon.